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Bookings Update
Tuesday 4th July

The following bookings may now be made for TWC 2023:


Training slots at the 2023 ITF Tag World Cup may now be requested via SportsKey. In the likely event of conflicting booking requests, you may be assigned an alternative session. ALL training slots are 90 mins in duration, one slot per squad per day. You are not required to train for the full duration of the slot - please notify if you are planning a shorter session. 


Cones, 20 sets of tags and 3 balls will be provided for each pitch. Please specify in your booking notes which squad and nation you are booking on behalf of. Failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection of your booking.


Commensurate with tournament rules, no metal studs may be worn on these pitches. There are TWO venues available for booking: 


Maguire's (4G synthetic turf) has eight 60m x 45m training areas available for booking. Two are unavailable during setup for the opening ceremony. This venue is on the south campus, adjacent to Kilmurry Village. 


North Campus Soccer Pitches (4G synthetic turf) has four 68m x 48m training areas available for booking. This venue is on the north campus, close to Thomond and Capavilla. 


If you wish to play a practice match, it is most suitably booked on the North Campus pitches. Such games may be facilitated on the Maguire's pitches on either a smaller-than-regulation pitch, or by combining two bookings on adjacent pitches. 


Your session must end after 85 mins in order to ensure that the next group can start without a delay. Fairly to adhere to this condition may result in your subsequent bookings being cancelled. Some flexibility may be granted in this regard for the final session of the day.


Pitch bookings will be managed directly by TWC staff, who will supervise the use of pitches and manage time.  There is no cost associated with the bookings as part of the University of Limerick's hospitality for teams participating at the 2023 ITF Tag World Cup. You are entitled to book pitches on the days you are staying in UL accommodation. If you are not staying in UL on the day of your booking request, it will be rejected. Pitch availability for earlier arrivals will be confirmed as soon as possible. 


Recovery services, provided by Optumum, can be booked using the Wunderbook app. It is available on Android and the Apple Store.


Step by step:

1.Download 'wunderbook' app
2. Add bank card
3. Search Tag Rugby World Cup
4. Tap on the €6 at top right corner of time slot to book


Please be aware that the UL apartments are all situated within a maximum of 15min walk from the TWC playing fields.  So players can easily walk back to their rooms in between matches.

You must immediately notify Simon Bewley of your Marquee hire size and arrangements for payment will be made with the third-party provider.  E:

The Marquee must be situated in the TWC ‘ Event Village’. ITF will approve its exact location.

All prices below are in EURO and do not include Vat @ 23%, the hire is for the duration of the TWC; Wed – Sat (4 days)


6m Options:

6m x 6m €700 plus vat @ 23%

6m x 9m €1050 plus vat

6m x 12m €1400 plus vat

6m x 15m €1750 plus vat


9m Options:

9m x 6m €1050 plus vat

9m x 9m €1600 plus vat

9m x 12m €2100 plus vat

9m x 15m €2650 plus vat


12m Options:

12m x 6m €1400 plus vat

12m x 9m €2100 plus vat

12m x 12m €2800 plus vat

12m x 15m €3500 plus vat


We can provide prices for larger Marquee options also if required.

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