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Living arrangements

While staying in UL, you'll have access to your own kitchen with an oven, fridge, hob and microwave. The apartments have basic cookware, glasses, mugs and delph. We recommend that you take full advantage of this situation by

Grocery retailers such a Tesco and SuperValu will allow you to order online, for delivery to your apartment in UL. Collaborating with your 5 housemates, you will feed yourselves well for €50-60 for the week. 

Eating out

The university has a number of restaurants on site, most notably Stables bar and the UL Arena bar. These will be open throughout the tournament. During the 2021 British & Irish Cup and the 2022 International Tag Series, Stables offered a full hot meal for all participants at an extremely affordable price. There is also a take away Pizza restaurant close to one of the Villagers that has been very popular with teams. Flexible pre-paid meal plans may be arranged with UL when confirming your accommodation.


There are a number of restaurants in the Castletroy area of Limerick that are suitable for sit-in dining and offer takeaway. Apps such as Deliveroo, Just-Eat and Uber Eats are popular with local people. 


Pubs in Ireland have not been immune to the global rise in the cost of living. Patrons can expect to pay between €5.20 and €6 for a pint of Guinness, and between €5.30 and €6.20 for other standard beers like Heineken or Bulmers Cider. Anything above that would be considered very expensive. 

Tourism in Limerick

Limerick, Clare and the surrounding Shannon region (named after the river Shannon which flows through the city) is full of things to do. We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to see as much as you can. 

Tourism Beyond

A lot of people are asking us about staying on in Ireland and Europe beyond their time at the Tag World Cup. While we recommend that you explore Ireland first and foremost, Ireland is a great base for exploring Europe thanks to Ryanair's headquarters being based here. 

Cash, card & money

In recent years, the number of vendors in Ireland who do not accept card payments has drastically reduced. It is now very rare for a shop, bar, or even a coffee truck not to accept card payments, or Apple/Google Pay. 


For most purposes, you will be able to get by without cash. If you do need some, there is an ATM at the UL Sport Arena, between 2 and 4 mins walk from the pitches. 


Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly accepted payment cards. 


You may need cash to operate laundry machines (coins), to take public transport without a prepaid travel card (coins; exact change), or to hail a taxi on the street without an app.

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