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Attending the 2023 ITF Tag World Cuo

We're looking forward to seeing you in Limerick this week. Please find below all of the information you will require.



The event takes place on the grass sports pitches on the South Campus at the University of Limerick , V94 T9PX. The nearest pin on Google Maps is to UL Sport Facilities or the Maguire's GAA pitches near Kilmurry Student Village. 

Please note that UL is a strict non-smoking or vaping campus. An information stand will operate throughout the event. 

Please note that all playing are cordoned off to the public and you are required in all circumstances to spectate from behind the boundaries. Spectators encroaching on the playing area, even for something as innocent as a photo, may incur consequences for the teams they are supporting.


Attendees should be conscious that parking will be limited relative to the demand, and should make plans to park off campus. There is public parking next to the UL Sports Facilities gym, both paid and unpaid. There are some spaces at the Plassey Park Road end of Maguire's pitches. Much of the rest of the parking is reserved for staff and subject to clamping, or reserved for residents of the on-campus accommodation. Public transport is strongly encouraged and many services stop at the UL Stables a 5-minute walk from the pitches. 


The event runs all day Wednesday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm, and from 9am to 6pm on Saturday (finals day). Fixtures and results can be found here. Please note that you will need to know specifically what team you are looking for, i.e. Ireland has 13 teams in the competition and our staff will struggle to identify where to find a granddaughter if you only know that she plays for "Ireland". If you are planning to come to the event, please ask those you are supporting for the specific team they play for. 


Food and drink vendors will be on site for the duration of the tournament. Official merchandise will be on sale from Tuesday, and while stocks last. 


Spectators are asked not to bring dogs with them to UL. 


Tickets do not need to be presented upon arrival. 

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